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5-Year Warranty

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Endy Foam Headboard

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Product Details

Easy to set up with no screws or tools required! The all-foam design makes it easy to ship while providing optimal comfort, firmness and support for lounging in bed. The Foam Headboard pairs perfectly with the Platform Bed Frame.

  • Endy classic woven fabric upholstery
  • Provides optimal comfort, firmness, and support
  • Sits perfectly at the back of the Bed Frame between the mattress against a wall
Enjoy fast & free shipping to all Canadian provinces. In-stock orders ship out in just 1 day! Each Headboard is built to last and backed by a 5-year limited warranty →

30-Night Trial

5-Year Warranty

Free Shipping†

  • Easy Set-up

    Set it up and snooze. No screws or tools required.

  • Made in Canada

    Because good things come in all-Canadian packages.

  • A Perfect Match

    Pairs perfectly with the Platform Bed Frame & adds style to any bedroom.

Sizing Guide


57" W


3" D


30" H

Total Height Including Frame

41.5" H

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